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Social Media Marketing and Management

Hello from B Street!

Got a business that could benefit from getting online but you don't know where to start? 

Or perhaps you know you should do this social media stuff but haven't the foggiest how?

Or maybe you just have better things to do! 

No problem - we have a range of packages for all business types to generate results.

Hey, we're Kyle and Casey!

Goodness, real people!

Unlike most anonymous digital marketing agencies you're dealing with real people.

What's more we're not agency employees - we're both business owners who know what businesses need when going online. 

Kyle runs sensiblechinese.com, his own automated online teaching Chinese business as well as a consultancy kylebalmer.com helping others build online businesses. 

We walk the walk as well as talk the talk. 


Social Media Packages

Full service customer generation

Get seen online and generate business. 

We deal with social media marketing (strategy, branding,  advertising, driving business) and social media management (dealing with customer questions, social interactions, growing your profiles).

Done for you monthly packages with no lock-in contracts. Transparent pricing starting at £500/month. 


The first round of 30 Days was built by Kyle and Casey sending curated emails to the participants for 30 days and gathering the group for weekly meetings (which almost never...um...actually always...involved some pints of beer and a lot of laughs). The participants enjoyed the program so much that they bugged the two to properly launch it, using the content from the emails and meetings, and voila - 30 Days of Doing was Born!