Expand your property business by leveraging online marketing in 2019

Increase your competitive advantage by joining this 12-week programme
which will boost your property business by leveraging underused and high potential online tools.

Who is this for?


Property Investors

Investors looking to expand their portfolio and increase credibility


Property Sourcers

Get direct access to vendors and gain new sourcing clients


Property Service Providers

Get more customers and increase brand awareness


Mentors and Coaches

Build your online authority to nurture and build your client base


What does your 12-week course look like?

Week 1

  • Introduction to our BATON digital marketing framework
  • The usage of the framework in the property business

Week 2

  • Locking down your business niche and verifying its online size and sustainability 
  • Introduction to the lean methodology of building businesses
  • Market research for your property business

Week 3

  • Begin attracting your audience’s attention with content marketing
  • Leveraging personal brand to outmanoeuvre larger businesses 
  • The power of video and building confidence

Week 4

  • Using the best type of content to grab your audience’s attention
  • Researching authority building areas to talk about 
  • Building a list of evergreen topics so you’ll never be at a loss for content ideas

Week 5

  • Setting up your Facebook for Business page 
  • Deciding and applying your messaging and branding 

Week 6

  • Going live with the audience attraction system
  • Learning about paid boosting and getting seen

Week 7

  • Start building your Tribe foundations
  • Understanding the power of your Tribe
  • Setting up a Facebook Group 

Week 8

  • Welcoming your first members
  • Understanding re-marketing and building buy-in
  • Identifying calls to action

Week 9

  • Nurturing your growing tribe
  • Tribe specific content and value delievry

Week 10

  • Working our your sales funnel
  • Your first offer – making your first £/$

Week 11

  • Prepping your product with your community’s input
  • Product outline and template for rapid creation

Week 12 

  • Delivering your first product directly to your tribe
  • Packaging for wider resale and expansion
  • Next steps and how to expand 
What do our students say about the course?

What can you expect upon finishing the course?

  • Go from ZERO to revenue stage in 12 weeks
  • Create a powerful online ASSET that once built will continue to pay dividends
  • Have a greater understanding of how digital marketing plays a role in modern businesses
  • Learn a scalable and replicable marketing system applicable to your other businesses
  • Property Investors - start attracting more angel finance and build credibility
  • Property Sourcing Agents - get direct to vendor deals and attract new sourcing clients
  • Property Service Providers - get more customers and increase brand awareness

What this IS NOT

  • Get Rich Quick - this is about building a sustainable asset, not a flavour of the month online dropshipping/affiliate/FBA scheme.
  • Get Rich Easy - because we are building an actual business asset for you there will be work. Once the work is done you'll have a consistent and (if you wish) "passive" source of income but getting to this point will require commitment and effort.
  • Black Hat - there are plenty of "trick" methods to do well online. Some even work! Even if they do though you run the risk of having your accounts banned or worse. All the methods we teach are legit to remove the risk of getting in trouble with Facebook or Google.
  • A website - lots of companies set up a website and think they are done with the internet. We call this the "Field of Dreams" mistake - "build it and they will come"- This is old-school and doesn't work. In fact, you won't even be building a website during the 12-weeks. Whether you have one or not is irrelevant.
  • A comprehensive course - digital marketing is a BIG subject. Digital business is even larger. We know that giving you everything is the best way to cause overwhelm and total inaction. Instead we teach what works, we teach you how to get it working, and then we teach you how to build on that success. Our framework is highly systematic, always building up based on what works and dumping what does not.
  • A solitary journey - we know we could just give you the video files and send you on your way. The thing is, you most likely wouldn't do it! Information is one part of the journey, the rest is action. We find that action is a lot easier when you have a community around you and the camaraderie and accountability that comes with it. As such, whilst you can use all the video files AFTER the course we'd 100% recommend you work alongside your group. In fact if you fall behind or have to delay we'd prefer if you stop and restart with the next available group!

Who will be delivering the 12-week programme?


Kyle Balmer

  • Digital marketing educator and practitioner
  • Built multiple businesses online
  • Financially free since the age of 18 using online businesses

Harminder Toor

  • Co-founder of a digital marketing agency
  • Property investor
  • Multiple business owner
  • Financially free since the age of 27

We have helped market and consult for property education companies, property sourcing agents, investors, personal brands, personal development celebrities, brands and communities, online education companies, financial services, property construction companies, language teaching companies, coffee companies, health organisations, solicitors, Harley Street clients, business start ups, medtech companies, letting agencies, nutrition companies, currency exchange companies, franchise expansion companies and a number of charities including MIND, amongst others.

P.S. we have built a number of these too

Total students taught by us and how they rate our teaching


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Get started now

These 12 weeks will boost your property business by leveraging online tools, which most people miss!

Gain the competitive advantage in your property niche today.

12-week programme

  • 10+ hours of core course video content
  • 12x weekly live seminars to guide you through the process of boosting your property business online
  • Private online group – private mastermind community with fellow students to share successes and maintain accountability
  • Weekly coaching and tasks to get your property business up to speed online
  • Permanent access to all video content, recording live sessions and resources after the course 

£297 + VAT

(for 3 months)

Give your property business the
ultimate edge

£297 + VAT

(for 3 months)

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