Find Out What Most Digital Marketing Courses Don’t Teach You

Find Out What Most Digital Marketing Courses Don’t Teach You

I want to talk to you about two terms – online business and digital marketing. These are two terms that are frequently used interchangeably. They are not at all. 

Online business sounds fancy. However, it’s just a business that predominantly operates online. Nowadays this means a lot less in the day to day, because so many businesses that work in the traditional offline world are now moving online, so it is very difficult to find a business that has zero online presence. The distinction between online business and business is becoming less and less clear. 

Digital marketing vs marketing is similar to online business vs business. Marketing is just a tool, a way of getting out to people. Finding the right people who will want to buy our products later and then delivering a message to them. That’s all marketing is. Digital marketing is just a type of marketing using digital tools. 

These tools could be online, such as internet advertising or they could be offline, like a digital billboard. You might see a billboard that changes between different screens. That is offline technically, it’s not internet related, but still digital marketing. 

Again, the distinction between digital and nondigital is really doesn’t mean anything anymore. We still have traditional marketing tools, like newspapers and TV adverts. But the basic core concepts of these tools are the same as digital marketing, it’s just through a different medium.

When we do talk about online business we shouldn’t get confused from all businesses. And when we talk about digital marketing, we shouldn’t get it too confused from everyday marketing.

Nearly everything is online now and because everything is digital or increasingly digitised, it really doesn’t make that much difference to distinguish online business from business, or digital marketing from marketing. So if it helps you deal with it just think about business and marketing, and then that’s going to make your life a lot easier.

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