Free Course on How to Make Money Online Now

Free Course on How to Make Money Online Now

Building Businesses Online | Complete Free Course | How to make money online now | Get Started

Welcome to this digital marketing business master class.

This course will teach you how to build your business online, and more importantly how to generate an income. You will also learn how to use the BATON business and digital marketing model, one in which you can use again and again in order to increase success with your chosen business. 

The course is split into different parts, and at each of the different sections they will introduce to you an action point, one in which you will need to undertake in order to move your business forward. These teachings have come from Harminder Toor and Kyle Balmer, founders of B Street Digital.

Harminder will cover the explanations and will simplify the complex subject that is digital marketing. And Kyle will cover the technical how to’s and later on will introduce to you advance concepts part by part. 

Just to give you some context, Harminder Toor and Kyle Balmer, along with other company founders, have launched several companies. They are hosts of a business marketing podcast, and most importantly, they share a genuine passion to help people get their online businesses off the ground. They also introduce online marketing to off-line businesses. They both share a huge entrepreneurial spirit and are teachers at their core, so don’t worry you are in safe hands. 

So, just to summarise this course will take you from zero, i.e., having no customers, no revenue, and even no business, all the way to a business that has revenue and customers. By learning how to use the BATON model you will be able to increase the chance of your business’s success, and this model you can use time and time again for any chosen business. 

So, are you ready to learn how to start your online business and marketing course? Then let’s get you started.

Building Businesses Online | Complete Free Course | How to make money online now | Part 1

Welcome to this complete digital marketing business course. I want to highlight the word ‘business’ for you. Because digital marketing is a phenomenal tool. Let’s treat it as a tool, and I’m going to teach you how to use that tool in this training.

The underlying foundation that we’re talking about is always going to be business. So, online business is still a business. And this is one of the biggest misconceptions out there, within other digital marketing courses and seminars that you may have gone to in the past. 

One of the key things to remember period, throughout this course, is that digital marketing and business coincide with each other to then produce a positive result. In this training we are going to teach you how to use these tools and techniques for any business. If it’s a start-up. If you have an offline business and you’re bringing it online. Or if you have an online business currently, and you want to expand it. We are going to be showing you a model which works for any business. That model is called BATON. But that will make more sense later on into the training.

Let’s give you an example of what you can expect in the course. What you can’t expect is tools, tricks, hacks, without the underlying explanations and technical elements to put it all into place. So, if you’ve gone to the internet in the past and saw top 10 hacks to improve your SEO, or the best landing page optimisation, these things are all great. But they assume that you currently have a business or a product in place. So, if you’re currently running a blog these tools are amazing.

But what if you are a very busy business owner? You don’t necessarily have the time to learn these tips, tricks and hacks.

So, what we are going to be doing is splitting this course into two parts. I am Harminder. I am a multi business owner and love teaching all of the tools and lessons that we’ve learned while building our own business, while managing our clients’ businesses’ marketing, and while managing other internal projects that we work on. 

My skill set is in explaining it and making it simple not only for the lame man, but the business owner. I break down what my business partner Kyle will be going into in further depth. Kyle is a digital marketing expert. He has an MBA and has been using that MBA for many years, not to work for the big corporations, but instead start his own businesses. 

So, we are going to be doing this in two parts. There’s going to be an explanation and a simplification part which I will be handling, and Kyle will be handling the technical expertise. 

Let’s discuss what we will be covering in the BATON training.

Building Businesses Online | Complete Free Course | How to make money online now | Part 2

I suggest that you get a notepad and pen ready. During my sections, I’m going to be talking a lot. I’m going to be jampacking a lot of information in, and that’s actually representative of this course in a whole. We are going to be packing so much information into a short space of time. So, especially for my sections, have a notepad and pen, or however you take your notes, ready and as I talk through my sections, definitely capture notes. 

Kyle’s sections are more methodical and technically based. So, you may not have to take notes on those sections, and instead put his suggestions into practice as you follow along. But you can go back and watch our videos and read our blog posts again and again, because once you understand the principles that I’m explaining, Kyle will show you the how tos. You can just go back and check in with those videos until you have the fundamentals down.

Let’s now focus again on an online business, being a business period. Oglivy, a marketing genius, describes in his book that all forms of digital marketing in the future, very near future, will just be referred to marketing. So, you’re going to slowly see the words offline marketing, online marketing sort of merge, and there’s going to be no barrier. Because so much of large companies’ and small entrepreneurs’ marketing budgets are starting to move mostly to online marketing. 

And what does digital marketing even mean?

It means Facebook ads, banner ads, Google pay per click, ad words. Spending money on websites, content creation, grabbing people’s audience attention. A lot of money is being spent online. Ultimately, in this training the core concepts of business and marketing will remain untouched. 

If you are studying marketing generally, those principles remain untouched when you cross into digital marketing. 

So what is OUR training all about?

Well it’s split into three levels. The training you are watching or reading currently is level one. What we are going to be covering is a unique model that we’ve been using on our own digital marketing clients for many years. Through trial, through error, through working with clients, and through systematising our own business, we have come up with this model. 

Yes, you’re going to learn how to build an online business, but fundamentally we are going to bring income and revenue into your life. And that’s one of the reasons you’re starting this. Whether it is a charity, whether you ust want to change your lifestyle. That’s the core of this and you’re going to be leaving with those skills. 

So, the model is called BATON. And BATON is a sequential model that you can take any product or service offline or online through towards a positive outcome. The positive outcome can be financial, it can be revenue, it can be profit, it can be charity donations. It can be building your own personal brand, or it can be fundamentally just sharing an amazing positive message out into the world. Taking a stance and changing a culture.

Let’s discuss what the three levels are of BATON before we talk about the model directly. The three levels are basically an escalation process as your skills and learning advance. 

Level one is purely the start. It takes you from zero to one and equips you with all the skills you need, and then also sharpen your tools. When we get to level two, we are going to be expanding on those skills, and we are going to be adding more tools to your tool belt, so that you can really start to expand your reach and increase your revenue. Level three is where we scale the business. In level three we prove the model, we have a product that is successful. People love the product. People continue to knock on our door and say, “Hey, I want this product, I’m willing to exchange money for your product or service.” We are now in position to scale. 

Honestly speaking, level two and three are at this stage out of your reach, even if you have a current business that’s live. This process may be reverse engineering some of the marketing stuff you’ve done in the past and reconfiguring it into the BATON model. 

Moving into the BATON model – It’s essentially a model that we have created after many years of consulting with clients about their digital marketing strategy. 

Let me break down what BATON means. Like we have said previously, B in the BATON model stands for business. Business is the fundamental underlying element you have to start with. 

Do you have a minimum viable product?

Is there a market for your product?

Is a need for your product?

Do people want it?

What is the market size?

What is your product niche?

Who is your target audience?

All of that has to be considered. And if you’ve done an MBA course, or a business course, or even just picked up a business book, fundamentals from there will be applied here. And this is why level one is important, because we start to form your product around the marketplace and determine if your product is viable. 

Once we have a viable product, we now move onto Audience. And audience is very exciting. It’s often the part most businesses skip because it requires creativity and sometimes a lot of hard work and preparation, without seeing the rewards immediately. So, what does audience mean? Audience means attracting an audiences’ attention and showing your product to people out there, essentially getting eyes on your product. Think of audience as spreading a wide net to then determine who are your right customers. So rather than guessing, you can put specific products out into the world and then the right people will be drawn to you. 

Now once we have attracted the audiences’ attention. We move over to Tribe, that’s the third component in the BATON model system. 

So what does Tribe mean? Tribe is when we filter who is interested in our product. So, think about audience as cold selling and tribe as warm selling. The specific audience is now warming up to you. They’re now beginning to trust you, they’re beginning to believe in your product, your service and they’re starting to believe that you are the best for them in the marketplace. Once we have confirmed the demand, we confirm the tribe, we confirm that people are interested in our product. The tribe are now getting ready to buy, and we now move on to the fourth component of the BATON model, which is Offer.

At the offer stage we now present this tribe with what we have to offer. We now sell to them and if selling makes you uncomfortable, don’t worry we are going to cover that element, because it’s something you’re just going to have to get used to doing. But this process makes the selling so much easier because we are no longer hard selling, because we are warming the audience up. We are forming a tribe and then we are presenting them with an offer. And the likelihood of converting them from a tribe member to paying you massively increases as you are using the BATON model. 

Now once you have cash coming into the bank and you’re making sales from the offer stage, you can consider scaling. Network is simply the scaling mechanism for a successful product. A product that makes money, a product that has brand recognition, a product that raving fans, people are saying, “I really want the product.” Now it’s time to scale. We will only be touching upon the network in level one, because the idea is to first attract the audiences’ attention after you’ve built a product, then gather the demand, the tribe. Then start to bring money into the bank before we worry about scaling. We will briefly cover scaling, but we are not going to too much depth.

So, that’s what you will be really getting involved in, in this complete digital marketing business training course. And it’s going to be held by myself and Kyle, and let me take you into the final part of this video before we move on.

Building Businesses Online | Complete Free Course | How to make money online now | Part 3

Let’s summarise this section and what you’re going to be learning on this course, whether you have a B2B or B2C affiliate marketing company. You have an offline company; you have an online company which already exists. You’ve got a blog; you generate traffic to a website. Regardless of what your business is, the model of BATON is applicable, and this will make so much sense as you go through the training.

So, the thing I want to leave you with is:

How will this change your life?

Having another £500, another thousand pounds coming in a month through your online business, how does that change your life? Because this is not a get rich quick scheme. This is going to require work. This is like any other business; it’s going to take time and hard work.

So, going back to the point, how will that income change your life? Because you can go ahead and earn a six-figure income from an online business. You hear about those stories all the time – even our agency is a six-figure agency. 

But how will it change your life? 

That’s the most important element. 

If another thousand pounds came into your world, how many vacations will that allow you to go on a year?

Would you be able to take your full-time hours to part time hours, and dedicate more time to your online business, to your passion, to your niche? 

Would it allow you to take the whole family on holiday?

Will it allow you to spend time with your loved ones you don’t currently get to spend with them because you’re tied to a job. 

All of those things are possible and they’re going to be personal to you, because what you won’t find us doing is saying, “success equals this.” Because success is going to be whatever success is for you. Some of our students want £500 extra a month, some want £1000, some want to completely replace their job. And many of the community members that come and communicate with us, a lot of them have a goal to replace their job’s income so they can go live their passion. Whether that’s travelling the world, spend time with their family, be full-time parents. 

I’ve thrown a lot at you there. But the reason is, I want you to think about what this income will do for you, how it will change your life. Even if it’s raising money for charity, how will that make you feel inside?

On that note, let’s get to work and let’s start focusing on this complete digital marketing business training with the underlying element of the BATON model.

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