A complete digital marketing business guide specifically researched and created for your business

Who is this for?
For businesses that know our level of expertise and experience in business and digital marketing
For businesses that want fully comprehensive business and digital marketing research including a strategy they can use today and in the next two to three years
Who puts this digital marketing business guide together?
This report is researched by our two senior partners at B Street Digital, both with a combined 15 years+ business and marketing experience
Kyle Balmer
Multiple business owner
Digital marketer since his early 20s
Advisor to charities
Harms Toor
Harms Toor
Multiple business owner
Corporate turned business owner
UK property consultant
Podcast host
We leverage specialists in our team to provide you the best advice on ad buying, design, branding and content production
Why is this guide important for your business?

Future proof your digital marketing strategy by knowing the next steps


Introduce you to the tools and techniques available to your business


Understand the best media channels for your content

website design and build

Learn about content marketing that is specific to your business

digital marketing course

Complete digital marketing business guide bespoke for your business


A comprehensive how-to checklist for your internal team to begin implementing all strategies

lightbulb - icon

Insight to how we think and operate as a digital marketing business provider

analytics icon

Different level reports based on your budget and the three marketing levels all businesses are currently in

What is included in the guide?
  • Business consultancy angle. This is not just a marketing guide for your business
  • Detailed understanding of our bespoke BATON model which every business can work to
  • Three levels of strategy depending on where your business is currently and which level of guide you purchase
  • Video overview of the guide
  • 120+ page guide
  • How to build an audience?
  • How to convert that audience into a tribe (raving fans who want to buy your product or service)?
  • Offering your product to your audience and tribe with little friction
  • Scaling your offer either horizontally or vertically
  • An order of focus
  • Content marketing that works specifically for your business
  • Wide and narrow market research via Google or Facebook (whichever is relevant)
  • Content marketing ideas specific to your business based on what people are asking to see
  • How to produce content
  • Understanding ad buying versus organic reach
  • What the online AND offline sales funnels are for your business. (We do not neglect offline methods; offline methods will always be recommended if they trump online ones based on research.)
  • Exactly which digital marketing tools you need to use to get results:
      • Landing page
      • Email campaigns
      • Facebook groups
      • Lead magnets
      • Ad buying – PPC, Facebook ads, Google AdWords
      • Remarketing
      • Content
      • Content production
      • Podcasting
      • Video media
      • Full website
      • SEO
      • Blog writing
      • Educational library / membership site
      • Book publishing & more depending on your specific business needs
  • Full checklist on how to implement recommended strategies
  • A future-proof map on what to today and in the next 2-3 years
  • Where you should not be spending your business resources
  • The next steps for your business to implement the strategies in the guide
What is the process of getting a report?
We recommend a call or a meet up before requesting a full report unless you already know our work and would like a complete digital marketing business guide

Complete purchase of report

If this is a continuation from a call or meet up, then we have the information required to begin research
If there has been no call or meet up, we have an in-depth questionnaire that requires completing
If we need to clarify anything, a member of our team will jump on the phone or send an email (your preference)
We produce the complete digital marketing business guide which takes 2-3 weeks to construct
You receive the guide with a 5-10 minute video walk-through summarising the contents
We lay out the next potential steps for your business including do it yourself steps, ongoing consultancy, launchpad, steps for us to do the work or we provide access to our digital library for your internal team
Which guide is right for my business?
Digital marketing business guide – Level 1
  • For a new business or an established business that is introducing digital marketing, or has tried things in the past that have not worked
  • Approximately 80-page guide
Digital marketing business guide – Level 1 & 2
  • For a small to medium sized business that
    knows digital marketing will increase their revenue and wants a clear road map on what they should be doing
  • Approximately 100-page guide
Complete digital marketing business guide – Levels 1, 2 & 3
  • For a small, medium or large sized business that wants the complete A-Z in digital marketing bespoke to their business
  • Approximately 150-page guide
Not sure which guide is right for your business?
Get in touch to find out.