How To Build An Online Business Empire Step By Step

How To Build An Online Business Empire Step By Step

The course that we are teaching now is level one of a three-part course. The whole thing is going to take you from zero, to owning an online business. An online business in which you create and sell your own products, and you even have other people selling your products for you. 

We are not going to jump straight into that because there’s a lot of foundational work that needs to be done first. A lot of people make the mistake of spending far too much time building their initial product, and then launching out into the world and hoping for the best. 

Instead of doing that we are going to build up a community behind your brand. We will start by capturing the details of that community, engaging with them, learning what they like. We will get that community involved in what we are creating and then launch a product based on community feedback. This is an alternative to staying in stealth mode for years, creating a product and then hoping that it is going to be the right product for your audience. 

Let’s begin with level one, building the foundation. This is when we get the basis of our business in place, and work out what the value behind our proposition is. We are going to focus on building a name for ourselves, and finding people who actually care about our brand. Then we will convert these people into sales. 

Primarily, we are going to use social media to connect with this audience. We will use social media as a tool, via platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Google, and YouTube. We will tap into the existing audiences on those platforms, and show that audience what we have to offer. 

In level two, we will examine where our product will live. We’ll already have an audience on a platform like Facebook or Instagram, and then we’ll graduate to a home for our product. This home will likely be our website. The website will be a hub for all of our content, and for our community. We will converge all of our social media channels, our online shop, and our content. 

A lot of businesses they do this the other way round. They build a website first, and then worry about getting people to it. Instead we are going to build an audience and then build a website to take people to. We are flipping the normal process around. And we are only going to bother to build a proper website, a proper blog, when we have enough audience for it to be worthwhile. And when we have enough content to fill out this hub. We are not just going to start off on a blank page and hope for the best.

In level three, we will be taking feedback from our audience (or now our ‘tribe’, and producing purpose-built products based on our community’s feedback. We will hop into places like Facebooklive, or comments on our blog posts, to tailor our product to our audiences needs. For example, we may deliver a training on Facebook live, and use feedback from the training to refine our existing product. We will be building something with the help of the market, instead of building a product in secret, releasing it, and then realizing that the market didn’t actually want it. 

When we do build the product, we are going to use something called LMS. LMS is a learning management system. You might have seen something like this before, on Udemy. Or if you’ve ever bought an online course it’s where you have various videos, text, PDFs and audio files all within a website. You can go from one lesson to the next, so unlike YouTube, we can go anywhere and see anything. In LMS, again that’s a learning management system, it’s a very nice way to contain educational content that you are then delivering to your audience. 

For a lot of the businesses that we will be building using the BATON method, we are going to be focusing on the end result of educational material that we deliver through an LMS. That’s not going to be the ultimate sale. We can have webinars, we can have workshops, we can have consulting. We can have retreats; we go anywhere with our sales funnel. But having a core product that is educational and built within an LMS that sits inside your website and is driven by your social audience, that will be the stepping stones that we are building. 

Don’t worry about the big picture right now, just trust that we are going to be building solid foundations first, then stepping up building our own home online, our own hub to bring our audience to. And then from there, based on what our audience actually wants, we are going to start to produce products. And again we are actually going to be producing and creating revenue at every stage, level one, two and three. However, level three is really where we drive our revenue and profit. 

This is an overview of the whole journey we will be taking, and each of these levels can be done in a month or two, depending on how much experience you have. So the fact that there are three levels, don’t let that dissuade you from thinking, okay, this is doable. We are just going to start slow, and then once you have your confidence we are going to move to the next levels in sequence. I hope that makes sense and if not drop us a comment and we are happy to go through it with you.

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