Launch your digital marketing plan with a no contract, done-for-you service

Who is the Launchpad for?
For small to medium sized businesses that want to introduce digital marketing or have tried things that have not worked in the past.
What does the Launchpad provide your business?
  • Onboarding process
  • In-depth research
  • Content plan
  • SEO work – level 1
  • Branding and design
  • You / your team produce video assets recommended by us through research
  • Video content is distributed via boosting / ad buying
  • Convert video views into a remarketing audience
  • Create Facebook group / Slack channel (or other depending on business)
  • Build landing page
  • Move audience from landing page to Facebook group / Slack channel
  • Remarketing ad campaigns to secure a tribe
  • You / your team interact with the group and deliver on product or service
  • 1-hour content production which includes:
  • ⁃ transcription

    ⁃ cleaning video and pulling audio

    ⁃ boosting / remarketing / advertising

  • Complete BATON digital marketing curriculum for FREE – coming soon (available retrospectively for all clients)
  • FREE domain hosting
  • FREE landing page hosting
  • FREE email hosting
£3,000 + VAT
Is Launchpad right for your business?

This is for companies that are new to digital marketing or have tried strategies in the past unsuccessfully


There is no contract so there is no ongoing retainer required


Do-it-yourself option available after Launchpad is completed


Cheaper than getting the components of Launchpad completed individually


Saves time as your digital marketing is launched by one company


Systemised approach so you know exactly what is going to happen in advance

What does the Launchpad look like?
Month 1
  • Welcome and onboarding
  • Research
  • Assets requested e.g. video, content
  • Build relevant assets e.g. landing page
  • Distribution of content

Month 2

  • Advertising content
  • Boosting content
  • Audience building (people who engage with your content)

Month 3

  • Set up the tribe e.g. landing page, email list, Facebook group, Meet Up (or other specific to your business)
  • Convert audience into tribe (people who want your offer)
  • Next steps beyond Launchpad
  • Access to digital marketing library – coming soon
How do I enrol my business onto the Launchpad?
Simply complete a short form and we will get back to you within 2 business days with the next steps for your business.