Episode 001 – How to market your property sourcing company and get more clients

Episode 001 – How to market your property sourcing company and get more clients

This is a show where we decode digital marketing for your business! With the emphasis on business. 

SEO, AdWords, Facebook Ads, Landing Pages, Traffic, Lead Generation and all the other digital marketing tools are way to confusing! We simplify digital marketing and make it applicable to your business. 

Welcome to How to market your business, with myself Harms and Kyle. 

Let’s get into the show…

Hello Harms here, on today’s episode, Kyle and I are answering the question…

How to market your property sourcing company and get more clients? 

Welcome to our first show and the aim of this show is to take a business niche and apply it to our BATON marketing model. 

Which we will explain in a moment. 

Now the first few shows will be focused around niches in property:

  • Running a 12 week workshop on this and what to add in terms of extra resources for our students there
  • I invest in property and have a personal interest there
  • Then after this we will start opening it up to other niches that we have researched, had as clients and have consulted for. 

To give you some context we have helped market and consult for:

Property education companies, Property sourcing agents, Investors, Personal brands, Personal development celebrities, Brands and communities, Online education companies, Financial services, Property construction companies, Language teaching companies, Coffee companies, Health organisations, Solicitors, Harley Street clients, Business start ups, Medtech companies, Letting agencies, Nutrition companies, Currency exchange companies, Franchise expansion companies 

And a number of charities including MIND, amongst others.

Which has been incredibly fun and exciting!

Reminder – This is a working guide therefore occasionally we will update it based on research we do, experience with clients or our own business.

So Kyle before we explain the BATON model what are going to be covering today?

B – Ensuring you understand your property niche

A – How to get more clients for your sourcing business

T – The best way to build trust and likeability with your audience

O – Get customers coming to you rather than hard selling

N – Scaling the business, but beyond the scope of this live show

So every show will be focused around the BATON model. We will take a business niche and apply the BATON model to it.

For an indepth look at the BATON model head here: https://bstreetdigital.com/baton/

Let’s get into applying your Sourcing Business to the BATON model and leave you with solid actionables you can do in each section!

Let’s get into the first part which is Business:

Important. A property sourcer is an agent. They sit between two parties as an intermediary. Investor on one side, property owner on the other. We’ll focus on the investors for now. The same analysis can be done for property owners, of course but we’ll focus on one side of the market for now.


The most common problem amongst Property Sourcing sites and social is the overemphasis on talking about the company rather than the client. When a potential client comes to a site they are looking for what is in it for them. 

Far too many sites talk exclusively about themselves, their team, their awards, their area etc. This is all important to build trust and authority but this comes after hooking the potential client. 

First we need to like them, then we will check on their credentials. Instead these sites through their credentials in our face, talking exclusively about the company and not answering any questions I may have as a visitor. 


By simply taking the time to alter our focus and becoming a problem-solver, servicing our audience and clients, we can out-position most of the sourcing agents online. How do we do this? Primarily by answering questions our potential clients may have. This leads us nicely into the Audience section where we’ll be using education to build trust and generate clients. 

Now the second area of focus should be on AUDIENCE:

Reminder: we’re talking about getting to investors, not property owners right now. 

Sourcing a property through a property sourcer is a big commitment. A low end fee would be around £2000 upon completion. As such the investor needs to have a lot of faith that the sourcer can deliver. 

Building trust is the key here for such a large transaction. The normal way to do this is to have a swanky website saying how good the company is. This is the norm. Clients now (and all internet users) are more savvy than this. It’s far easier to throw up a polished looking website and pretend to be something you are not nowadays. A professional front without the experience or knowledge to back it up. 

Sites that simply say how good the company is, are no longer enough. People will come to the site, flick through it and leave. There’s no real reason for them to spend more time on this site (or social media stream) than any other. 

Instead we can use education to build authority. This is an about turn for many companies. Instead of simply saying “we’re good at this, we really are” we instead SHOW our expertise. This is something that comes across really easily in face to face selling that many companies fail to translate to online. 

Show your expertise. Teach people about finding great properties. Tell them about how you do it. What are the best areas to be investing in right now? What about recent tax or legal changes? This is day to day stuff for you as a property sourcer because you live in this world. For your investors though you are a goldmine of information. 

We use education to build authority. Being an authority in a particular niche means you gain trust. You are known in that niche for what you do. 

What about giving away “secrets”? 

Unimportant: information is free nowadays. Most information is available online if you look hard enough in forums and YouTube. And here’s the rub – there’s a huge difference between you telling someone how to do something and them actually doing it. People are not doers by and large. Those probably aren’t even seeking your services in the first place. Therefore we risk nothing and gain everything by “opening the kimono” and showing off our expertise and knowledge. 

What sort of content should we produce? We simply see what questions investors ALREADY have about the topic and answer them using our expertise. 

So the next stage would be to research what people are asking us.

We can gather this information and questions that are already being asked from a number of resources. For example, we can search the most popular questions and answers on Quora, a question asking social network.

Another way to research the topic is a search on YouTube. Where you can gauge what type of content is being created, but more importantly what type of content is popular.

Based on our research the market is currently open for a property sourcer who wants to build trust amongst investors. 

So the students who are coming through our Building Businesses Online Property Workshop are going through this process in detail and getting to the point where the content is produced and published with 1,000’s of views per video.

Next in the BATON model is TRIBE:

Building up an audience of investors who know about our expertise is great. But it’s only the first step. We want a group of fans who want to hear from us, who trust our opinion, who actually want to know about what we’re offering. 

We call this group of people our Tribe. 

We have permission to market to them because they’ve opted in to receive the value we provide them. By providing them MUCH more value than we ask for we can further the relationship of trust. 

Eventually when we do make an Offer to them we don’t even have to “sell” them on it. If they’ve been following what we do and trust us the sales process has almost been completed. It’s just a matter of making solid offers to this group of people over time. 

Other property sourcers online focus on the one and done sale. “Come to our website or social media, hear what we have to say about ourselves and buy our services.” This is a very ancient and expensive way to get our message across. 

Instead we put our valuable content to thousands of people, attract hundreds who want to actually hear from us (our tribe) and then make offers which brings in a steady flow of business. 

At this point the best thing you can do is to add examples of existing groups, existing tribes, which you can join and model. 

Does the demand exist, are these groups providing value or just selling, what can you learn and improve on when creating your tribe? 

There are a few places to look to find  existing groups and tribes 

First up the online platform www.Meetup.com is a good source for in-person groups. 

Another solid way to find existing groups is simply to google “property investment + forum” or “real estate investment + forum” and see what comes up. Look for vibrant forums with large numbers of members and recent posts. 

In the UK Property Tribes (https://www.propertytribes.com/) it’s the largest and in the USA https://biggerpockets.com is dominant. These are places where you can begin to build your brand and tribe initially. 

Similarly LinkedIn has groups for certain business interests. 

Next is the exciting part for most business owners, bringing in the cash. So let’s discuss the OFFER stage: 

Once you’ve worked out your business messaging, reached your audience and started to build out your tribe it’s time to start making offers. 

Normal property sourcing companies will immediately jump to the offer. Check out these Google Ads from a search for “property investment london”: 


No interaction, no foreplay! 

Simply, buy this property now! Here’s the price, here’s the ROI. These offers aren’t targeted. They don’t know who I am or what I want. One even offers me investment properties in Liverpool despite the fact I’ve speci cally mentioned London! This is wasted money as each impression of these ads costs money. 

Instead when we move from Audience and Tribe to Offer we use a tool called remarketing. 

Ever looked at a knitted Power Rangers tea cosy on Amazon and then for the next 2 weeks been followed around the internet by green power ranger Tommy’s face stretched over a Royal Dalton pot? Of course you have! 

This is remarketing. Basically Amazon knows what you’ve looked at and retains this information. It then continues to display the product or similar products to you on Amazon as well as around the internet! 

You might see product ads in Google searches, on the sidebars of random website or even popping up in your Facebook feed. Creepy? Yes. Effective? You betcha. 

Once we have attracted an audience and built a tribe we can use remarketing to begin sending tailored precise messages to these people. And we know that because they are in our tribe they don’t mind. 

They’ve watched hours of our content, signed up to our email list and attended one of our webinars. When we therefore come forward and show them an offer it’s not an intrusion, it’s another touchpoint with our fans. 

As an actionable right now what do you need to do? Well, not much! If you are producing 

videos (especially on Facebook) you can create Custom Audiences from anyone who views you content. In fact we can select how much of the content the person must have watched to be included in this custom audience. 

The lowest engagement is 3 seconds. Even at 3 seconds they’ve at least seen our face and branding (if the video is set up properly!) and will be more statistically likely to engage with our Offer. 

Right now therefore there’s no immediate action you need to take. Simply continue to create content, put value into the world and build that audience. When the time comes to make an offer of a particularly good investment deal you’ll have this remarketing asset ready and waiting for you. 

Don’t be like the example above trying to sell me a Liverpool property when I’ve quite specifically stated London! Go for the sniper approach not the blunderbuss.

Actionables for you to do immediately to improve your online marketing within each section of the BATON model:


Actionable – Check how you talk about your business. Check the prevalence of WE, US, I, ME, MY vs. YOU, OUR CLIENTS. How is the weighting. Are you talking about what you do or what you can do FOR your clients? Small but crucial difference. 


Actionable – Use Quora and the other tools we have put up in the show notes to start identifying what PEOPLE ARE ASKING FOR rather than guessing!


Actionable – Go and research other tribes around your property niche. Look in places like the US where real estate has a strong established footprint in terms of businesses and marketing. Be inspired and model what they do best. 


Nothing at this stage, the focus should be business as usual whilst creating content that your audience wants to hear and move them into tribe.

Thank you for listening to today’s show!

Often we get asked by our listeners, how else can we get support. ‘We love the information and it is helping my property business, but I am not an online marketer, I am a property investor, what would be my next step?’

It’s a great question, so here are the different ways we currently support business owners.

How will we support your business?

In addition to creating these short guides for property entrepreneurs (which we will periodically update) we have here the different support options to help implement what you are learning as quickly as possible.

The support options available to you now, are varied depending on your starting position, budget, time capacity and experience. 

These choices are not to take away from the guides, but instead to save you time and point you in the right direction.

IMPORTANT NOTE: These choices are not to overwhelm you. However to support you at whatever you stage you at and to suit every budget. The primary goal should be to work through what you have learned today. Then come back and select a support option that best fits your need. If unsure. Just talk to the team on the chat app in the corner. 

Support options:

FREE GUIDE: A comprehensive guide which will help you get your property business online quickly with little technical knowledge required.

Ideal for: You have a small budget available monthly, and the tool we show you has a low monthly price and requires very little technical knowledge. You have time to work through the guide and do the work yourself.

Not ideal for: If you are limited on time and cannot work through this guide consistently. It does have a learning curve and requires you to complete some tasks in order to get your property business marketed online.

To read the ultimate guide on:

An Easy Free Step-By-Step Beginner’s Guide To Market Your Real Estate Business Online

Get reading this FREE complete end to end guide here >>

HAPPY MEDIUM – INTERESTED IN LEARNING: A 12 week programme designed to help new and experienced property investors market their business online using tools that work today.

Ideal for: People who want to take control of your online marketing and build your brands presence online. If you want to ensure your property business is using the best online marketing strategies that work today. Get us to guide you through the process and answer any questions along the way. This programme is suitable for Property investors, sourcing agents, public speakers, mentors and coaches and more. 

Not ideal for: People who are experienced in digital marketing. Do not have a property business. Have a property marketing model that already generates them leads (it works, don’t reinvent it).

Get the competitive advantage and learn more about the 12 week programme here >>

DONE FOR YOU SERVICE: The work in this guide is done for you. From start to finish.

Ideal for: If you know exactly what your property business is. Someone who is busy building the property business and knows they need to take it online to expand lead generation and brand awareness. You have a budget towards investing in your property brand and online marketing strategy.

Not ideal for: A business that does not yet have the budget (Use the free guide below instead). Or you are not sure how to define your property business.

Learn more about the done for you service here >>

Feel free to refer back to this section or talk to the team in the chat app. Not sure what is right for you? Again, talk to the team via the chat app in the bottom right of your screen. 

On that note, we hope you enjoyed todays live show on getting your property business online and generating leads.

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