What is a Tribe and How Can One Change Your Life

What is a tribe and how can one change your life? | Part 1

At this point in our course, this is where your hard work starts to payoff. This is where you start to identify people from the wider net. The audience becomes more focussed. 

The right people start to engage with you, converse with you, start knocking on your door and start to say, hey, I am trusting you, you are an authority and expert in this area and I want to speak with you. 

In this section we will be reviewing, but then adding a bit more meat around the bones on what a tribe is and how to build one.

A reminder of where we are in the BATON system – we’ve covered business, we’ve covered audience and how to attract the audience’s attention. And now we’ve attracted the attention we are going to be qualifying demand and qualifying our tribe, and basically taking the people naturally from the audience who resonate with us, are now moving over to the tribe.

So think about it as cold and warm, so that’s where we are in the BATON system.

Again the system works for any business offline, online, start-up, existing business, very large business. The principle is underlined by business, marketing and trust.

Those fundamental principles do not change the model works and it’s very, very simple to be used at any stage.

One of things I like to do with my students on a one-to-one basis is literally write the words BATON across the piece of paper. After a quick discussion ask them to tick where they think they are, where their business currently is. And a lot of the time the business has a tick in the B section and a tick in the offer section and they realise they don’t really have an audience, and they don’t really have a tribe or community.

The tribe and community is a big one. 

And let’s now dive into the tribe and work out how we can harness, nurture and enhance the tribe so that they are ready to buy the product and service that we have to offer in the very near future.

What is a tribe and how can one change your life? | Part 2

So what we have spoken about in this tribe introduction section before we dive deep into the how to part, is the tribe have moved to an audience to a community of people who trust you, follow you and they just care about what you have to say and what you have to offer. 

We’ve introduced two different philosophies. 

The philosophy of 1,000 true fans, selling the product on an annual basis to 1,000 true fans, to live out your financial goals and dreams. And also Seth’s idea of what a tribe is about people connecting to an idea, a leader and a community.

So we’ve given you two different philosophies of what tribe is, and we subscribe to both. We love both philosophies and that’s why we wanted to share both with you.

The tribe will ultimately be closer than the audience stage to buying what you have to offer. 

So my question I want to leave you with is:

How would your life change if you had 1,000 true raving fans which you could sell and they would buy your product willingly without the hard sell?

How would your life change and what would you do with that revenue?

How would that change your family life?

Would you travel more?

Reduce your work hours?

Would you go and be eager to get into the network stage of BATON and expand to take  level two, three of the BATON training. 

What would you do in your life?

And that’s a question I want to leave you with for this section.

What is a tribe and how can one change your life? | Part 3

In this introduction section for the tribe, and remember we are in the third stage of the BATON model now, I want to readdress and just remind yourself and maybe flick back into your notes on:

What were your life goals?

What were your revenue goals?

Why were you building this business in the first place?

Because this will make sense in second. 

So once you’ve got that in mind, maybe it’s £50,000 a year, 70, allow you to go on more holidays, £100,000, maybe you want a quarter of a million-pound business, which will require more work absolutely doable. 

So now you’ve got that in place let’s talk about the philosophies and the principles behind tribe and we are starting with the principle of a thousand true fans, which is a famous article published by a gentleman called Kevin Kelly, tech entrepreneur. And his explanation is to really have anything you want in life, whether it’s selling products services, traveling, whatever it is financially all you need is a thousand true fans. 

I believe he uses the example of a band. The band has got no intention and maybe they won’t be global superstars, but they get a cult following, and that cult following comprises of a thousand waving fans. These raving fans will buy anything you sell within that year. Every time you release something so again, if we look at the maths that we spoke about previously we are selling £100 worth of value, it can be multiple items, it  can be one item to a thousand people. Your tribe, your one thousand true fans and that will generate a revenue of a £100,000 and £100,000 plus over the year.

So that is the principle of one thousand true fans another way to describe these people within your tribe are people who care, people who trust you. People like you work, love your work. Want to see more of what you produce and are willing to pay for it.

Another explanation of tribe which I love is from a marketing expert guru. One of the foundations of marketing and digital marketing. Also the foundation of permission marketing is a gentleman called Seth Godin. I encourage you to go search out his blog, Seth.blog, fantastic blog. And I’ve learnt myself lots of life lessons and insights and marketing insights from that blog. 

What he says is a tribe is a group of people connected to one another, connected to a leader, connected to an idea or connected to a community. That is his definition of what a tribe is, and I love that definition, we cultivate a community, we nurture  our community. We work with the community. We are involved in the community in a place called Growth Tribes.com, I’ve mentioned it a few times. And it’s a place of personal development. So in terms of Growth Tribes being a person development community as an example. In this situation the idea is there’s a group of people within the community that people are connected to. They love the idea of personal development and are connected to a few handful of leaders, and the growing leaders within the Growth Tribes community. And you will get to meet those people as you come and join us.

Now how do we nurture and how do we move people from the audience to the tribe?

Well there are multiple ways to nurture your community and tell them where you live, tell them where your home is, and tell them how to conversate with you. There’s social media. There are websites, there are forums, there are chat apps. There are physical locations like places like meet up which Kyle will also be talking about, but the easiest method again laser focused, we are going to have our focus on level one of the BATON part of the training. We are going to expand on it in the future but to get you started, is a Facebook group. 

It sounds simple, but there’s actually a lot of work that goes into creating a group and then nurturing the tribe within the group. It is easy, but it’s not as simple as it sounds. And our Growth Tribes community is an example of that, to cultivate that community is a full-time job and it’s a passion job. And there is a whole bunch of people personally developing, growing and expanding their life and becoming the best version of themselves, just like you are doing in this training. 

So on that note, with that understanding of what a tribe is, let’s summarise and start to allow you to learn how to set up your own Facebook group and start to nurture your own tribe.


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