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Digital marketing for my coffee shop or cafe.

Cafes and coffee shops are some of the most popular businesses to start up. It’s not overly surprising – we tend to start businesses in areas that we have some familiarity in and after sitting for a long time in a coffee shop who hasn’t thought “well I can do this better”.  Because of this there are now a lot of independent coffee shops and cafes around. We’re ignoring the big boys like Starbucks in the US and Costa and Neros in the UK. Even without these massive companies it’s suddenly a very busy market place.  Unfortunately there’s only so

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Should you have a blog? If you do you are probably using it wrong.

Should you bother with having a blog on your website? The answer used to be a hard YES. Nowadays it’s more complicated. And even if you do have a blog the chances are it’s not being used correctly. Let’s look at what part a blog now plays in marketing your business.  There are a lot of misconceptions in this field. I’m going to take you on a short (and very rough!) history of online marketing over the last couple of decades. Depending on where you entered the scene you’ll likely have preconceptions about the importance of different elements. We’ll take

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Stop Using Facebook like a Consumer – Facebook Marketing for your business

The number one mistake we see businesses making is their insistence on using Facebook the same way as if they were a consumer. Organic Facebook reach is dead. If you want to use Facebook for business there will be a cost to doing so. Not realising this is the biggest business mistake on Facebook. This is not a new problem – it’s been around a few years. So if you know about digital marketing and have been operating on Facebook for awhile you don’t need me to tell you this. However the problem has not stopped – new businesses taking

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Digital Marketing without a Degree

Working between the digital marketing space and the mentorship and personal growth sector means that we’ve been asked a number of times whether it is possible to work in digital marketing without a degree. It’s a common enough question that we’ve decided to put a quick blog article together on the issue. In short you do not need a degree to get into digital marketing. In fact a lot of the formal education programmes out there are old fashioned and are likely to be teaching you out of date and unhelpful techniques. Instead there are a HUGE amount of resources

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Attracting an Audience’s Attention Online

What is an audience when selling a product?

In this training you’re going to learn the typical mistakes most businesses, small, medium, large, make. So, instead of jumping straight into a sales pitch with your potential customer base, what we want you to do is grab the audience’s attention first.

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